What are the Benefits of a Metal Roof?

What are the Benefits of a Metal Roof

Today’s homeowners are looking more towards a roof that is environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and can withstand the might of mother nature due to the changing global climate conditions.

The advantages of metal roofing are numerous so many homeowners are now using metal roofing systems as they are cost-effective, eco friendly, and have a significant benefit of being able to last for decades.

In this article, I will cover some of the advantages and some of the disadvantages of a metal roofing system.

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Advantages Of Metal Roofs

There are lots of benefits of metal roofs:


One significant advantage of metal roofing has is its long-lasting durability. When metal is galvanized, metal ions from the metal are combined with zinc to produce a protective surface. Through the use of metal ions, metal roofing can last for decades without rusting or corroding. This means that metal roofs will stay protected and look good for many years to come!

They also offer benefits in extreme weather conditions such as high winds and wildfires with their fire resistant properties. They will also outlast a well-maintained asphalt roof or another old roof of a similar age.

What are the Benefits of a Metal Roof
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Low Maintenance

Another significant advantage metal roofing has to offer is its low maintenance compared to other roofing materials. Metal roofing will not need to be replaced for decades because it doesn’t metal splinter or peel. It also needs very few repairs because metal roofing is not susceptible to rot or decay, unlike other materials. When metal roofs do need some attention, the metal panels snap together with ease and can be taken off and repaired in a fraction of the time compared with other types of assemblies.

Seamless Look

Metal roofing has to offer is its seamless look. It goes up in metal panels, so it’s no need to have any seams or patches. As metal roofs are durable and long-lasting, this means that your metal roof will be able to maintain your preferred style seamlessly for many years without needing replacement. This can be a sought-after look on residential metal roofing where aesthetics are important.



One of the other benefits of metal roofs is that they are lightweight. This might not sound like a big deal, but metal roofs need a lot less structural support than other roofing materials such as slate or tiles. This means that metal roofs can be installed on a temporary or permanent metal frame without having to worry about adding reinforcement underneath it. This makes metal roof installation faster and cheaper!

Speed and Easy Installation

One benefit of metal roof installation is a significant advantage that metal roofs offer is their speed and ease of installation. This is because metal roofs take less time to assemble than other types of roofing, such as shingles, and metal panels snap together with ease.  Metal roof installation takes much less time than other types of roofing options available on the market today such as asphalt roofs.

Speed and Easy Installation
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Minimum Roof Pitch

A low sloping roof may have a pitch of 3 in 12 or less. This means that the roof will rise 3 inches for each horizontal foot. One of the benefits of metal roofing is that it can be installed on such a low-sloping roof and provide you with an additional 4 to 5 inches of clearance from the metal panels. Some standing seam roofing can be used on a 2-in-12 roof pitch and in other cases a roof pitch as low as 1-in-12.

Maximum Rain and Snow Shedding

Metal roofs, when installed correctly, will be able to remove rain and snow from your property with ease. The metal is corrosion-resistant and does not need any paint, which means that it will be able to withstand rain and snow for a long time without needing any special treatment. This makes metal roofs a good choice for areas that receive a lot of rain, as metal roofs will be able to remove the water from your property effectively.

What are the Benefits of a Metal Roof

Energy Efficiency 

A metal roof can help to cut the cost of your monthly cooling bill through heat transfer and cutting energy costs. Choosing the right metal roof material can have a significant benefit on helping the roof to be eco friendly and energy-efficient.


A metal roof is highly reflective, which means that metal roofs reflect the sun’s rays and keep your property cooler during the summer months. This can give you great savings on your energy bill each year!



This is a measure of how quickly a material will cool down after the heat source is removed. If your roof absorbs all the heat from the day and maintains that into the evening then the AC system will have to continue to work to cool down the house, if the roof cools down quickly after the sun goes down then the AC system can stop working earlier and therefore save on energy and cooling costs. The amount of radiant heat emitted from the roof will dictate how much energy is needed to reduce the excess heat and help the home to be energy efficient.

Metal Roofs are Environment Friendly

Steel metal roofing is 100% recyclable and can then be used to create new items. It is also often made of recycled materials which means they are not new and sourced from the ground which helps to make the process more energy-efficient.

Metal roofs also have the ability to house solar panels for generating electricity. This does not only provide a rebate but also reduces the cost of maintaining this type of roofing system. The solar panels on your roof will also shade the metal roofing and stop it from heating up to the same extent and stop you from heating your home through radiant heat, this will not only provide you with electricity using the energy of the sun but will also help to reduce the associated cooling.

Metal Roofs are Environment Friendly

Metal Roofs are Moss and Fungus Proof

Steel metal roofs are corrosion-resistant, which means that metal roofs are not usually infested with moss or fungus. Metal roofs are generally resistant to moss and fungus, which is why metal roofs are a good choice for environments that experience a lot of rain and humidity.

Metal Roofs are Insect and Rodent Proof

A metal roof is resistant to insect and rodent infestation. This metal roof advantage results from the metal’s nonporous surface that does not provide entry points for rodents or insects, which usually target shingles, asphalt roofs, or other types of weaker roofs in their search for food. Wild animals will not be able to nibble through an existing roof made of metal.

Metal Roofs are Insect and Rodent Proof
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A Metal Roof Offers Fire Resistance

The fire resistance of metal roofs can protect your home from fires for up to 120 minutes in some cases. This is especially important in areas that have wildfires or are prone to wildfires. A high-quality metal roof can be the difference between losing your house to the fire and it being saved for another day. It is important to pay attention to a roofing materials fire resistance class should you live in such an area.

Good for All Seasons and Climates

A metal roof is also an excellent choice for all seasons and climates. You may have metal roofs installed on your property in the winter months when you need to reduce your heating costs, but metal roofs are also a great choice for the summer months when they are highly reflective, which means that they reflect the sun’s rays and keep your home cooler during the summertime.  If your metal roof is combined with insulation this effect is multiplied.

A metal roof will also help to ensure that any rain or snow will not settle on the roof and will slide off easily. On lower pitched roofs this effect will be diminished but it will still be improved compared to other roof types. It is worth noting that sometimes keeping snowfall on a roof can have an insulating benefit to the home. If this is the case you will need to attach catches to the roof in order to hold the snowfall. You will need to ensure that your roof is structurally sound and able to support the weight of the snow.

Disadvantages Of Metal Roofs

Whilst there are lots of benefits of metal roofs, there are a few drawbacks as well that have to be mentioned.


Metal roofing will normally cost more than a roof using other construction material. This will be the case in terms of installation and materials, you may need to put in larger upfront investment in order to reap the metal roof benefits.

The investment made into a metal roof will pay back in reliability and longevity.

Weight Limit

Weight Limit

It is also worth noting that metal roofs are not load-bearing. If you have a metal roof installed on an older house from the turn of the nineteenth century then your supporting structure may need to be demolished in order to replace your supports or beams so they can be reinforced to support where the metal roof does not.

If you are living in a snowy climate then you will need to ensure the roofing structure is sufficient to take any extra weight.


It’s also worth noting that metal panels are typically known to be noisy under heavy rain or high winds. When metal roofs are installed, soundproofing materials may be needed in order to reduce the noise that metal roofs make in your home. If installed correctly then metal roofing can be as quiet as asphalt shingles or other conventional roofing materials. It is worth noting that this should be done during the initial construction and adding it to an existing roof will be much more complicated. 

The pitter-patter of rain on a metal or tin roof proves to be popular with some and it can be found on white noise machines and popular meditation apps alike.



If you choose cheap or poor grade metal roofing products or metal panels you may find they are more easily damaged. This may also be by falling objects such as hail, a branch from a tree, or other such things. If you have metal roofing systems that are weak or thin then they will likely dent under an impact. This may leave a small crater which can cause water pooling and corrosion to the roof the benefit of choosing a more expensive and durable metal roof is that the denting in the roof can be minimized.


Leaks on metal roofs are rare but they do happen. This is most likely to occur when there have been problems with the installation process and installing a metal roof. Metal Roofs will also suffer from differential settling, which can cause problems with leaks and cracks at seams. To counter these problems there are many metal roofing products available to help stop leaks but the best solution is to have it properly installed by experienced professionals and sealed well.

An impact damaged metal roof

Expansion & Contraction

Metal is known for its expansion and contraction, this is not always ideal if you have different weather extremes as it can cause the fasteners to become loose as the metal moves and changes. Darker colored metal roofing quickly warm to the sun and may expand more than a lighter more reflective color. You will have a choice of color for most metal roofing materials and you can tailor this to your local environment to try and minimize the effects of expansion and contraction.

Metal Roofs Attract Lightning

This has been placed here as it is a common misconception due to the fact that metal conducts electricity. Lightning will often strike the highest object around and whether that is metal or another material it won’t discriminate.

Having a metal roof may actually have a benefit as it will allow the lightning to disperse efficiently through the metal panels and into the ground.

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Other Roofing Materials

If metal roofs are not a viable option for you, there are several other alternative roof construction materials that could be suitable for your property. You may want to consider traditional asphalt shingles, clay or concrete tile, or cedar shakes or shingles.  If you are a business then metal roofing is likely the best way to proceed.

Whether you are looking to add a brand new metal roof or something else you should look into the benefits and negatives of each. Whatever your decision may be on which roofing material you end up choosing for your business or home, it’s important to get a professional opinion from a contractor. They will be able to help you make the best decision based on your needs and preferences.

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