Re-Roofing Specialist

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With over 35 years experience in the trade you can be guaranteed of an expert job from start to finish


With asbestos you can never be to careful, so if your after an expert then we are the company for you. We will make sure this is all done with 100% safety and with minimal hassle.

Residential Work

From Big to Small Shelters on residential properties at lil’ Shelter we got you covered. Click here to see what we can do for you …….

About Us

Mick Bunting – Company Manager and Supervisor has over 35years experience in the trade from laying roof sheets, striping asbestos to Project management. Mick is the best in the business when it comes to removing and replacing your roof. From Large jobs to small ones, we will handle it all from start to finish removing the worry.

Re-Roofing Specialists

We guarantee a smooth transition from old to new roof

We have you covered, from Planning to Final Sign off we pride ourselves on managing the project so you can relax watch your property transform. Let us come and discuss this process, supply a quote or advise and help you make an informed decision to increase the value of your asset by replacing a tired & old Roof.

Our Services

We specialise in bringing the shelter you need to the place you want

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a health risk and one you cannot take lightly when you have staff working around this each day. So make your workplace safe by getting in the experts to remove this safely and without concern.


When it comes to re-roofing we are the specialist, from start to finish you can be assured that the project will run smoothly. Change it up from tile to metal. You will love the sound of the rain on your new Metal roof. 

Project Management

Kimick Holdings are experienced in all things roofing and abestos removal and will be happy to run your project ensuring it stays on schedule and on time.

We also offer interest free through these payment channels:
***Terms and conditions apply


Upto $15,000 over 36mths with $8 per month account fees and $80 establishment fee


Upto $45,000 over 36months with $1 per Month account keeping fee and $0 establishment fee

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Hi, this is Mick and the team at Kimick Holdings.

Just a Friendly heads up to be careful about who you select to provide these kinds of Services. There are plenty of ‘dodgy’ companies out there.

At Kimick Holdings we have 35 years of experience and Safety is our number 1 priority.